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abortions, additional cranial orifices, afterbirth, aids, alternative-menstrual-products, altruism, amniocentisis, anal cunt, anal fisting, baby oil, baby seals, billy's sweet ass, birth control, bob saget, bondage, brotha lynch hung, cannibalism, cheese, coat hangers, compassion, condoms, congenital birth defects, cults, da michael, daisy dukes, david allan coe, dead baby jokes, disney, domes, domestic abuse, ducks, dukes of hazard, dunkie butt, eldritch runes, erections, fetal alcohol syndrome, fetuses, flowers, fluid, frankenixon, friendship, frogs, genitals, gg allin, great cthulhu, greater old ones, harlequin babies, harry potter, hearts, hell, hentai, herpes, homosexuality, horseshoes, hotcakes, hotpants, humanitarianism, hummels, incest, jesus, jim morrisson, killing pro-lifers, kingdom of loathing, kitties, koalas, ky jelly, law, lies, limes, lizards, love, loving the amyzilla, marmalade, matlock, menstrual blood, menstrual cramps, mercy, milkshakes, moby dick, mona lisa, monkeys, morrissey, murder she wrote, muslims, my little pony, nambla, narutaru, necrophilia, nobby nobbs, nyarlathotep, old iron sides, passion, pedophiles, pee, petrification, piglets, pirates, post-natal abortions, precious moments, pregnancy, pro-life, pussies, rainbows, rattle dildos, remembering poland, robotussin, roleplaying, ropes, rubber city rebels, s&m, serial killers, silliness, skunks, sockeye, socks, spermicidal jellies, staircases, stillbirth, swordfishes, syphillis, tadpoles, tampons, temporal discontinuity, terrorism, the geto boys, the mentors, the misfits, the waltons, the word "cunt", time bombs, time zones, toni morrisson, torture, treacle, trevor, undagaine, vaginal creams, vaginal warts, van morrisson, vestigial tails, warsaw, water sports, wet dreams, zombies, zoophilia